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The history of Pennsylvania’s men charged as “Molly Maguires” shows men of extraordinary courage; men who pushed for visionary reform against the treacheries of the Gilded Age. The Kehoe Foundation seeks to honor these Irishmen and what they tried to do.

The telling of this divisive history can help lead to a greater understanding of all ethnic conflict. It is, at its end, a story of the power of individual faith. Despite his promethean struggle John Kehoe, hanged as the “King of the Mollies,” retained a compelling faith, even in the face of death.

Many Hibernians died with similar dignity. Their ability to withstand the stigma of fraudulent prosecutions and die with grace compels an effort worthy of their efforts.

The foundation’s short-term goals include the publication and presentation of research materials.

The foundation’s long-term goals include the establishment—with the collaboration of interested individuals—of a museum and research center in the United States or Ireland to preserve and honor this history for scholars and future generations.

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